Nextsavamala Workshop III – Vision Workshop

July 14th, 2013

RadionicaSavamalci_06 (Picture by Goethe Institute Belgrade)


Those are the results of a one day workshop that the Nextsavamala team conducted on the 14th of July in the Spanish house together with Savamala inhabitants. The goal of the workshop was to make three models that represent three different aspects of living in Savamala, and when combined form one comprehensive vision. From defining current problems we continued to proposing solutions to these problems, that were then refreshed with some completely new ideas to enrich the final vision. In the first phase of the workshop we motivated the participants to exchange opinions about what do they like in Savamala, what would they change, and how do they see it in the future. Answers to these three questions helped us in the second phase to list all  the problems that exist, after which we sorted them out into three main sections, i.e. three main aspects of life in Savamala, noting that some problems tend to  fall into two or even all three groups. These are: traffic, ecology and the third one that contains sport, culture and free time. To begin with traffic, it was concluded that the Main Bus Station and the transit traffic have to be relocated, and that a big pedestrian zone should be formed. The accent would also be on the river transportation, there would be a public river line (as it used to be in the past),and the old boats by the riverbank would be removed, with the exception of the ”Župa“ boat. The tram line ”2“ would remain there, because it fits into the historical context of the quartier. There would be a pedestrian gangway over the railway, and the cars wouldn’t be allowed to approach the river. These measures would significantly improve the ecological situation in Savamala, it would above all reduce the noise and exhaust gases pollution. There should be a better legal measurement that regulate production of noise in specific intervals, and provide that the night clubs are soundproof. Savamala is i desperate need of public toilets. Besides that, organized green surfaces would be formed, with fountains, an artificial lake and a dog park. Savamala would become an example for ecological awareness in Belgrade. Recycling stations and more litter bins would be installed, the litter transportation improved. To these measures we can also add reconstruction of facades. A new, refreshed and green Savamala would promote sports, with a swimming pool in the river and a tennis court, and a gym in the open. There would also be a chess club. In renovated buildings cultural events would take place, and on the ”Župa“ ship a summer cinema. The future Savamala would also have a summer stage. Old crafts would be preserved and stimulated, and creative workshops would take place. There would also be an annual festival. All these measures would contribute to a Savamala without crime, where its inhabitants would be well connected and live a wholesome, versatile life.


Nextsavamala Workshop II – Small Savamala

June 27th, 2013

1OSIsidora (Picture by Goethe Institute Belgrade)


Those are the results of a vision workshop that Nextsavamala team conducted in elementary school Isidora Sekulić in Savamala with pupils from 1st and 2nd grade.
The firts part of the workshop took place in the classroom where we talked to pupils about their surroundings and neighbourhood, motivating them to speak about things and processes that they noticed spending time in Savamala. They defined three main places in Savamala where children spend most of their time: their school, the river and the park. We agreed that these three locations should represent the framework of their vision. The workshop was specific, because through this conversation we only defined the guidelines.Then we let children outside to paint a schoolyard wall and depict their ideas, with absolute feedom to express themselves and phantasise. Also, if during the process a new idea pops up, they were free to repaint their primary idea and replace it with a newer or a better one. All kids agreed that by 2050 flying cars would exist, but the roads would nevertheless remain. The school would look different, it would have a pyramid shape and hover. In front of it there would be a car park for floating cars. The river would be rich in fish but there would also be river snakes, and in some point flying lions and zombiez would appear. In the park people would grow cucumbers and tomatoes, and whole Savamala would be very green. There would be more spaces for children to play than it is the case today. The very proccess of work on this workshop was predominant, because it wasn’t verbal but visual, so the schoolyard wall was actually a platform for this non-verbal conversation and discussion between the pupils.


Nextsavamala Workshop I – Student Housing in Savamala

June 18th, 2013



This is a report on the results of a one-day workshop with students of enterior design from the Faculty of applied Arts in Belgrade, and the model was built out of LEGO cubes.
As far as infrastructure is concerned, a new big two-leveled transit brigde would be built. It would have routes for pedestrians as well. The railwaz station wolud remain where it is now, but the main Bus Station would be relocated, and on its place a metro station would be built (Belgrade will have a metro bz 2050). There would be no more transit traffic in the Karađorđeva street, it would be predominantly pedestrian, with an exception of a tram line. The reverbank would be secured from flooding and rebuilt in a modern fashion. The existing ships would be reorgazised with new functions, including cultural events. The inside part of Savamala would keep its historical flair, with restauredold buildings, and a big green surface would be formed behind the „Geozavod” building.
After this reorganization Savamala would be a great place for students, fulfilling wishes of Luka Ćelović. We took as given that student will also in the future want to live together, cheap, and close to the University. As a model for students housing in Savamala we took houses and gardens in the Gavrila Principa street, where houses are organised in the form of a horseshoe, with three wings. These spaces provide a good basis for sustainable housing where the potentials of the location are used up to the maximum. The current form of the houses would be improved with roofs convertet into terraces with different contents, gaining an active role. The garden space would be a community space, reserved for various activities ranging from leisure to sport, with a summer open air cinema. Every wing would have its own access to the terrace, but all students would use them together, if so agreed upon. They would be free to define the activities taking place on the rooftops on their own. One of the suggested possibilities is a joint kitchen and a bar on one terrace, and a spice and vegetable garden on the other. All students would have a joint washing room on disposal. The appartments themselves would be duplex, where every student has its own room to himself, and special soundproof rooms would be designed for the most diligent ones.


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