Dragi Budućasavamalci,

tokom izložbe "Buduća Savamala: vizija građana" koja je bila otvorena tokom Mikser festivala, izložili smo predloge scenarija za budući izgled Savamale, a vi nam dali veoma vredne komentare, hvala vam!

Trenutno analiziramo vaše komentare i unosimo ih u finalnu verziju Vizije, koja bi trebalo da bude završena do kraja 2014. godine.

Dakle, Savamala 2050: Soho, Monmartr ili Šendžen? Ovih pet scenarija su proizašli iz vaših ideja:

  # Stari ponos

  # Eksperimentalna Savamala

  # Studentska Savamala

  # Napravljeno u Savamali

  # Mirna Savamala

Pratite naše vesti da saznate kako svaki od ovih scenarija izgleda!


Top 7 Secrets of Communication that Abraham Lincoln Used For Effective Leadership


Communication is sharing. But you cannot share wholesale nba jerseys china what you do not have.

Lincoln wrote an aspiring lawyer: "The mode is very simple, though laborious and tedious. It is only to get the books, and read, and study them carefullyWork, work, work is the main thing."


If you want to be a persuasive communicator, it's not enough to get things exactly right. Your audience may quickly forget the facts, the statistics, and the arguments that you use. But they are likely to remember your stories and examples, and the imagery and poetry of your language.

Show your audience, don't tell them.

Good questions have immense value in communication and leadership. Yet they are frequently under utilized. You can Cheap Football Jerseys China use questions to gain information or to guide a conversation. Often the other party will not even know that they are being led. By means of questions, you can get them to think about a subject that they might not have considered previously, or lead them to look at it in a different light.

If you want to be an effective communicator, you must learn as much as possible about your audience. So consider the type of person you are trying to communicate with. Some people want to hear all the details. Others want only a broad outline. Some are moved by emotion; others distrust emotion.

Study wholesale jerseys your audience to determine if they are ready to listen, ready to follow. "It takes two to speak truth" Henry David Thoreau said "One to speak and another to listen."


When you speak in public, you will be most effective if you think of yourself, not as making a speech, but as someone who has come to talk with friends about a subject that is important to them.

Lincoln stated in one of his speeches: wholesale nfl jerseys "A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall. "


Think about the impact your message will have on your audience before you deliver it. If you are tempted to say something harsh to somebody, ask yourself, "What will an angry message accomplish?" "Will it destroy the relationship?" Or, "Will it generate positive results?" Lincoln wrote: "No man who has resolved to make the most of himself can spare time for personal contention. Better to yield the right of way to a dog, than to be bitten by him in contesting the right."


Lincoln tried to expose myself to the biggest ideas and the wholesale nfl jerseys from china best communicators he could find. As a youngster, he steeped himself in books cheap jerseys such as biographies of George Washington, selections from Cicero, Demosthenes, wholesale nhl jerseys china Franklin, and dramatic passages from Hamlet, Falstaff, and Henry V.

Self improvement need not be a solitary experience. Lincoln honed his communication skills by becoming a member of literary groups and debating societies.

And Lincoln learned to benefit from criticism. He realized that one good critic telling you what you are doing wrong can do more to help you than ten thousand people telling you how great you are. But Lincoln did not let criticism destroy his self confidence or his will to lead. Criticism was just information to be used.

Every day do something no matter how small that will make you better. That's how you become an effective communicator one step at a time. Famous newspaperman Horace Greeley, who often was Lincoln's critic, made this telling observation about wholesale jerseys the great communicator: "There was probably no year of his life that he was not a wiser, cooler, better man Cheap NFL Jerseys China than he had been the year preceding.".Articles Connexes:

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